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To: lynxbus

Stop financially penalising disabled parents

Stop financially penalising disabled parents

I want lynxbus to stop requiring disabled parents to buy a ticket for any under 5 year old children (who all travel free for a parent with no disability)

Why is this important?

The children are required to buy a ticket simply because the parent is entitled to a government bus pass (offering free travel for the parent with some reimbursement for the bus company from the government for it's use) due to their disability. There are strict criteria to get a pass and it is supposed to be part of opening up opportunity for those living with disability. If the parent is simply having to pay a child fare instead of their own there is only a 30% reduction in cost instead of the 100% policy intended.
It is discriminatory to be charging disabled parents a fare that a parent with no disability would not have to pay.
It risks isolating disabled people further and marginalising their children who often already have many disadvantages in life. I am only able to work part time due to my health needs so we along with many others have financial difficulties as a family.
Many people with disability depend upon the buses far more than those who are able bodied as they may be unable to safely drive or be mobile over short distances. I myself am dependent upon bus use to get to the shops to buy food, get to GP and hospital appointments as well as taking my daughter to baby and toddler groups.
My daughter is an integral part of my life, I have very little support to care for her and I am scared that a reduction in my ability to be mobile due to unfair charges will impact on the life I am able to offer her.


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2018-06-05 20:23:13 +0100

Thank you all for signing.
Lynx bus have decided to rethink their policy on charging disabled parents for their young children who travel with them. They will be giving the same concession to their under 5's as they do to any other parents as of the 1st July.
I am really pleased, your support has been much appreciated.