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To: Richard Cornelius Leader of Barnet Council

Stop the ongoing destruction of services for adults with disabilities in Barnet

Dear Mr Cornelius
As Leader of Barnet Council I am asking you to intervene in what has been a catastrophic One Barnet outsourcing experiment, Your Choice Barnet. I asking on you to bring Your Choice Barnet back in-house and end the annual erosion of service delivery for adults with disabilities living in Barnet in order to ensure that vulnerable Barnet residents continue to receive the safe and adequate service they deserve and we all expect.

Why is this important?

Your Choice Barnet, that provides services for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Your Choice Barnet Ltd (YCB) began operating as a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) in February 2012 and 100% owned by Barnet Council.

In February 2013 a year after its creation Your Choice Barnet, was in serious financial difficulties and as a result, it looked to make savings by cutting staff terms and conditions and reduce staffing levels in some of the social care settings. It also received a £1 million bail out from Barnet Homes requiring a 6% interest repayment. A significant number of loyal hard working care staff were made redundant last year as a result of this cut which has led to an increase in agency staff delivering services.

In January 2014, Your Choice Barnet were still in a financial crisis and stated they needed to cut the staff bill by a further £400,000.

It is obvious to everyone that the ongoing attack on the terms & conditions of care staff will ultimately lead to:
• fewer stimulating activities in a safe environment for adults with disabilities in Barnet.
• fewer staff to work with adults with vulnerable disabilities in Barnet.
• less supervision of, training and support for remaining skilled staff.
• loss of professional staff and lower morale and motivation among remaining staff.
• negative impact on staff health and well-being, with a knock-on impact on service quality.

Both the Francis Inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust and the Winterbourne View abuse scandal highlighted the shocking results of employing unskilled and unsupervised staff.

I note in a recent article you have been extolling the virtues of mass outsourcing

“Our approach is already paying dividends, by allowing us to cut Council Tax bills to all residents next year.”

Surely you must concede that instead of making a gesture of funding a tax cut, which will save a Band D taxpayer all of 26p a week; the money would have been better spent on ensuring safe and quality services for adults with disabilities.

In another article
you are quoted as saying:

“We’ve made enough savings via the One Barnet programme so that we can meet our budget and distribute the money saved, back to the community.”

In which case why are you not ensuring the savings you are referring to are redirected to Your Choice Barnet?



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