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To: Solihull Council

Stop the planned build on Nethercote Gardens

Reject planning application to build a three bedroom house on Nethercote Gardens on Shirley.

Why is this important?

Nethercote Gardens is a cul-de-sac with several specific strengths and challenges. The River Cole on which we sit is a haven for local wildlife and must be protected - our low position also puts us at risk of flooding and our road was disproportionately affected by such flooding earlier this year. Many residents feel that recent housing developments which have been completed in recent years have increased the risk of localised flooding; by increasing concrete and build areas we are rapidly losing valuable soft ground which absorbs water. This creates water run off during times of extreme weather and means homes like ours are more likely to flood. Adding another property to the road will be to the detriment of our local wildlife population which local residents are already fighting to support.
The plot on which the development is planned sits immediately opposite 177a Nethercote Gardens which is a shared supported living home for people with assessed care. The residents of this property are extremely vulnerable adults and not able to object to this build, which would impact their daily lives, on their own behalf.
Our residents have faced and are facing enough challenges due to our unique position and feel that we have been let down at numerous points by the local authority over the years, by allowing local building work, by not having adequate flood supports in place both during and after such events.
Our small community are opposed to this build and will keep campaigning to ensure that it does not go ahead. Please, please sign our petition and add to our collective voice - we need to make some noise about this; small builds that negatively impact residents can sneak under the radar but they all add up to people having lower quality of life and our countryside being affected.
Enough is enough.
Please, please sign our petition.
Thank you.

"What we allow will continue."

Shirley, Solihull

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