To: Jeremy Corby MP, Marsha de Cordova MP, Theresa May PM, Sarah Newton MP

Stop this government removing the deprivation of liberty act

Stop this government removing the deprivation of liberty act

This Government states that it is committed to taking action to reform mental health and transforming care for people with conditions such as dementia, learning difficulties and autism by removing the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards provisions. This will ensure that thousands of people will have their freedom to decide what they believe is in their own best interests away from them.

Why is this important?

This urgently needs to be questioned and stopped in its tracks before this motion to take away more disabled peoples human rights through the removal of their rights to make decisions for themselves away.

The person who knows most about what is best for themselves is they themselves.

It seems that this government wants to remove those rights and thus take more and more control of disabled peoples rights from them and families and to place this in the hands of those who have no knowledge or care for those people. My own son was bruised and abused in a care placement he is now returned home to me on these grounds that he should have the right to decide for himself where he wants to live and be cared for.

The more we allow the rights of vulnerable people to be removed from the family and chosen placements without their own rights being taken into account. We are then moving further into a controlled state without knowledge or recognition of this, as we fail to be alert to what is being passed through parliament and thus we unwittingly allow this to affect the rights the vulnerable, of families, children, the elderly and the disabled.

How we treat our vulnerable and disabled is a measure of who and what we are as a society. Nobody knows what will happen to any one of us and we must remain vigilant so we too do not lose our rights to chose what happens to us as we grow older. This has to be a worldwide protest for all rights to be recognised, even though it begins in the UK parliment. It begins here and we have to make sure that ending the rights of vulnerable people ends here.

Reasons for signing

  • Why are we even having to go through all this ? It should be common understanding,we can't decide for others but them selfs .shame on the government shame on them all .
  • I AGREE !!!!!.
  • Freedom of choice is all we really have in this world.


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We have reached 100 signatures, Amazing thank you to everyone that has signed so far.I have been made aware that the reason why this government intend to remove the Deprivation of Liberty act, (DOL) is that, I am informed that they intend on replacing it with something better. We cannot trust this government to do anything but remove human rights. So please also share, so that we can reach our next goal Thank you again. Always C.Love x

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