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To: Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth, The Right Honourable Claire Perry MP,

Sustainable Energy for all

Sustainable Energy for all

Build requirement into building regulations for all new builds to have substantial sustainable energy provided through solar, wind and/or ground source heating as integral to design of build
Within large developments/estate for wind (if appropriate to be built to supply the development and surrounding estate or village)
All social housing to have solar panels installed by the landlords

Why is this important?

To improve the life chances of future generations
Develop the skills, knowledge and employment of the young
For the UK to be energy independent/self sufficient
To eliminate energy poverty
To give the earth and all it supports a chance for repair

Reasons for signing

  • Need an immediate change in how we create and consume energy, renewable needs to be the norm


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The government has freed local councils to spark a house building revival by finally lifting the strict cap on their borrowing to fund new developments.

Town halls and housing experts have fought for the freedom for years - to weaken the grip of big private developers – but the Treasury has resisted.
We need to make the most of this opportunity for the most vulnerable in our society and our environment
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