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To: Boris Johnson

72 hour No Fly Zone over Aleppo, Syria.

72 hour No Fly Zone over Aleppo, Syria.

Negotiate with Foreign Ministers: Sergey Lavrov (RUSSIA) Wallid al-Muallem (SYRIA) John Kerry (USA Secretary of State ) 72 hour No Fly Zone over Aleppo

Why is this important?

To allow the safe passage of innocent men, women and children out of Aleppo, cease the slaughter of innocent civilians and medical staff and allow crucial supplies to these beleaguered people.

There are over 60 million refugees globally, people displaced by war and under constant and brutal attack. In my trips to the Jungle in Calais ( France) I met and heard some of the harrowing stories of many innocent and decent people and marvelled at some incredible feats of bravery. All of these stories affected me deeply, especially those concerning the children - hundreds of unaccompanied minors.
We all deserve the right to a safe home. The number of displaced and traumatised individuals worldwide is a disgrace and Aleppo is rapidly adding to an already unmanageable crisis.

I like many millions of others, want this to stop.

How it will be delivered

email, social media

Reasons for signing

  • On humantarian grounds
  • I'm supporting this because its immediate purpose is so vital but of course what is really needed is an end to this disgraceful, cowardly and barbaric war and the needless killing and displacement of innocent - our fellow human beings - seems that it's just too profitable for some to want to stop it.
  • It is evil to bomb people always, but to bomb them and make it impossible for them to leave is beyond inhumane.


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