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To: Bridgend County Borough Council

A4063 Maesteg-Tondu Cycle Route

To construct using the ample grass verge that runs the entire length of the road, a safe and direct route for walkers and cyclists to get from Maesteg to Tondu and link up with the existing route onto Bridgend.

Why is this important?

Despite an increasing number of commuting and leisure cyclists that use this road since it was constructed, it is wholly inadequate for the purpose and it is only by luck that no cyclist has been seriously injured.

Although there is a proposal for a cycle route from Maesteg out of the valley, it is not conducive for those wishing to commute via bike since it would involve narrow lanes and add at least an extra 15-20 minutes to the journey.

Therefore, a route running the length of the A4063 over the ample grass verges is the only solution for journey times.


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