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To: North Yorkshire County Council

Change Crayke Primary School to 20mph zone

Introduce a 20mph zone around Easingwold Road in Crayke with flashing slow-down crossing signs - as this is a school area with high traffic congestion.

Why is this important?

School kids have to cross between parked cars, meaning it could only be a matter of time before an accident happens as heavy good vehicles, cars and trucks use the road in a 30mph zone. Because of parked cars, traffic is reduced to a single lane - meaning there is a great deal of congestion.

We have the opportunity to influence Hamleton Highways and the police who are coming out to access the situation and with your help we can make this happen for the safety of our children.

Most villages I have driven passed have these clear marking and is a 20 mph zone through out the villages.

How it will be delivered

We are having a parish council open forum is January, date to be confirmed


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