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End Dodgy Corporate Tax Arrangements - Pay To Play!!

End Dodgy Corporate Tax Arrangements - Pay To Play!!

Call unfair trade to account. Names and shame the corporate brands, and ensure the UK remains signed up to the EU obligation of the Anti Tax Avoidance Directive from 2019.

A number of global and a few UK corporations consider they don't need to pay their fair share of tax to trade in UK markets. The following** are brands, service providers or retailers in the UK with AT LEAST two high-risk subsidiaries EACH in various tax havens. Many technology companies also double-up the trade insult by charging UK customers (including the NHS) £ for $ irrespective of exchange rate. Many of those featured in this list also have questionable employment policies for staff around the world, as well as in the UK*.

Acer, Packard Bell
Aga, Rayburn, Rangemasters
Associated British Foods (Allinson, Silver Spoon, Billingtons, Kingsmill, Burgen, Sunblest, Primark, Ovaltine, Twinings, Jacksons of Piccadilly, Jordans, Dorset Cereals)
Bridgepoint Advisers Ltd (Zizzi, Pret a Manger, Ask)
De'Longhi, Braun
Electronic Arts
That's Entertainment
Estée Lauder, Clinique
Nature Valley
Hewlett-Packard (HP)*
Zara, Bershka
Kingfisher / B&Q
River Island
Lenovo / Motorola
Wyevale Garden Centres
Tag Heuer
Monsoon, Accessorize
Cadburys, Belvita, Philadelphia, Ritz, Orea, Toblerone
Nike, Converse, Hurley, UmbroNokia
Rovy / eMusic
Levington, Miracle GrowSony
Russell Hobbs, Remington
Triumph International
Spiesshofer & Braun
Unilever - Bertoli, Flora, Tresemme, Walls, Ben and Jerrys
Pizza Hut

** source: ethical…/…/taxavoidancerankings.aspx

Why is this important?

Shortfalls in taxation (I.e.the funding for public services) is directly attributable to the global tax policies of companies who think HOW they trade doesn't matter. We should not accept tax dodging as an inevitable consequence of free trade. Director and shareholder behaviour will only change when transglobals realise these aggressive and anticompetitive policies are unsustainable. Moving, with immediate notice, to 'name and shame' will help consumers to make informed choices in future, and will cost offending transglobals both new and loyal customers as well as their reputation with shareholders and markets. If shareholders cannot create ethical and sustainable policies on their own account, they will have to be encouraged by Governments to do so.

As Government is aware, the EU The Anti Tax Avoidance Directive sets out a comprehensive framework of anti-abuse measures, containing five legally-binding anti-abuse measures, which all Member States should apply against common forms of aggressive tax planning. This includes measures to deter profit shifting to a 'low / no' tax country, to prevent double 'non-taxation' of certain income, to prevent companies from avoiding tax when 're-locating' assets, to discourage artificial debt arrangements designed to minimise taxes and the additional safeguard of the anti-abuse rule designed to counteract aggressive tax planning.

As an absolute minimum measure today, Government should immediately escalate a 'name and shame' policy to encourage consumers to be aware, so consumers can use alternative brands or local companies who fairly pay taxes in markets they sell to.

With Liam Fox looking to resurrect a new version of the dreadful TTIP or dubious CETA with the US, involving potentially highly contentious ISDS, we should demand to know why so many huge US companies play on this kind of uneven tax playing field, as well as make it clear that this is a global problem which individual nation states ARE willing to take on, in order to protect local competition and essential services for UK citizens.

UK Government should take a lead in saying we welcome trade and business, but not at any price. Pay to play!! Irrespective of the status of Brexi by 2019, the UK MUST ensure that it applies the EU Anti Tax Avoiance measure from 1 January 2019 ,which provide the minimum level of protection against corporate tax avoidance throughout the EU, while ensuring a fairer and more stable environment collectively for UK and European businesses in competition with transglobals brands.

In doing this, Government will need to distance itself from the antidemocratic influence of the far right press, as their vested interests are in continued tax avoidance loopholes, irrespective of whether their owners are British citizens, foreign born or foreign domiciled. The first priority must be to protect British companies and British public services.

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