To: Councillor Ian Hudspeth, Oxford County Council

Introduce 'Pink Bobbies' (Armadilos) to cycle lanes in Oxford & Britian

Introduce 'Pink Bobbies' (Armadilos) to cycle lanes in Oxford & Britian

Introduce 'Pink Bobbies' in Oxford, or similar armadillo structures to protect cyclist. As accidents involving cyclist are on the rise, we need to take measures to protect and encourage cycling.

Why is this important?

Protecting cyclist will encourage more people to take to 2 or 3 wheels; in turn, this will deliver better air quality, improve health and make our towns and cities safer for both cyclists and motorists. 'Pink Bobbies' (armadillos) are car friendly as they are designed to nudge oncoming vehicles without damaging tyres and rims, at the same time provide a safe haven for cyclists within dedicated cycle lanes. ‘Pink Bobbies’ are also made from recycled car tires, providing an environmentally sustainable solution to tire disposal.

Reasons for signing

  • This is a simple way to make cyclists safer.


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Thank you for signing the petition, this week I will be meeting 'Pedal & Post' a commercial enterprise to look at ways to further develop 'pink bobbies' so overtaking of slower bicycles is possible.
Having written to Broken Spoke, Cyclox and many other groups who have shown an interest in the idea. The scheme does need refining, and local input is important so it is our ambition to work with local groups to develop a solution to make our roads safer.
I have also arranged to meet cllr Yvonne Constance, Cabinet Member for the Environment who holds the transportation portfolio for Oxfordshire on September 7th.

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