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To: The First Minister and Secretary for Economy and Transport, Welsh Assembly Government

Keep Diesel Pollution Out Of The Ely Valley

Abandon plans to build a new 9 metre high freight road through the conservation parish of Pendoylan in the Vale of Glamorgan and the environmentally rich Ely Valley (known as the green lung of Cardiff).

Why is this important?

The proposed road will force over 400 village school children and residents in the valley to breathe polluting, health harming, diesel freight traffic fumes. It would bring deadly traffic pollution and noise from freight vehicles into an environmentally sensitive valley that houses two primary schools. The list of long term effects of air pollution on children and the elderly is growing almost daily.

Wales has a Future Generations Act designed to ensure we consider the needs of future generations, but this road, aimed at servicing the loss making Cardiff Airport which is actually owned by the Welsh Assembly Government, means the future health of Ely Valley school children and residents appears to have been abandoned.

The Welsh Assembly Government is planning on spending £100+ million of taxpayers money on this road that will service their own business. The children affected by these plans have no voice. We must speak for them.

Ely Valley, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

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2019-02-23 14:31:31 +0000

The Vale of Glamorgan Council Leader refused to allow independent environmentalists or conservation experts to participate in the Review of their decision to put a freight road through the Ely Valley.
The consultation process they claim to be following is therefore seriously flawed when the Council knowingly lock out from the process review, any experts who might question or disagree with their plans to destroy a conservation area and pollute a green valley.
We need to object to such underhand council methods and remove the politicians who manipulate a system that is meant to be fair to all - not just to landowners and developers who will benefit from such blatant environmental destruction.
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