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To: Government

Legally recognise ADUK Dogs as Carers for Direct Payments

To allow disabled people to be able to claim for their assistance dogs and associated costs under their direct payments for full costs to include Food, Insurance, Equipment, Toys, Treats, VAT relief like other working dogs. Bedding,Grooming, Dog Walking etc.

Why is this important?

These are amazing carers who maintain and promote independence for people who have various and complex care and social needs. Our assistance dogs care for us 24/7 who should be legally recognised by the government and save the government millions a year in care charges. The government needs to offer people the right to be able to claim for these costs to be able to keep us independent and motivated and socialised within the community. The average homecare cost is £200 per week the average cost of an ADUK is about £50 per week. Some more progressive councils allow for these amazing carers to be honoured and covered by a direct payment, whilst other councils take the guideline discriptor of carer ( meaning human ) as literal- this should be addressed to show the change since it was written. It will also help with the crisis in the health and social care situation.


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