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To: Tony Mathias, Rutland County Council Leader

Local Referendum on Oakham One-Way Scheme

Local Referendum on Oakham One-Way Scheme

Put the decision about whether Oakham should adopt a one-way system to a local referendum.

Why is this important?

Rutland's historic county town of Oakham has been steadily declining as a market town over recent years and factors such as long-term roadworks have forced an even greater downturn in trade. Rutland County Council's Consultation Exercise received 952 responses of which 53% (501) were in favour of the one-way system and a further exercise covering only 5,500 properties had responses from just 1592 householders with only 47% (710) in favour. The estimated electorate of Rutland and close neighbouring areas is closer to forty-thousand and yet Rutland County Council proposes to proceed based on results taken from just a small proportion of local people.

Whilst nobody opposes investing in the regeneration of Oakham, many Rutland residents feel that the planned one-way system is an expensive waste of money that will hasten Oakham's decline as a traditional market town even further, therefore a full referendum of the Rutland Electorate should be carried out before the work is approved by Rutland County Council.

Rutland, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Can not see any advantage
  • It will destroy our small shops. Many locals pop into Oakham for a quick shop. The parking on the road is perfect for this. Who will be bothered to do so, if one is expected to go and park in a carpark and walk 10 - 15 mins back to the shops! Not everyone has the extra time, not to mention the inconvenience and for some, difficulty lugging heavy bags of groceries to the carpark. Stop this stupid idiotic plan and KEEP OAKHAM as it is. A wonderful, convenient & easy place to visit and shop.
  • No thought has gone into this plan what about local businesses people will just go to Stamford


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