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To: The Vale of Glamorgan Council

No new road through Pendoylan conservation village

No new road through Pendoylan conservation village

We, the undersigned request that the Vale of Glamorgan Council halt the proposal to build a new road through our village, from the M4- A48.
We would like the council to consider more sustainable alternatives to decrease traffic in this area.
We want the Vale Council to consider the impact of a new road on the protected flora, fauna and rare species in this valley and on this historical conservation village.

Why is this important?

The Ely Valley is a very important SSSI serving the Vale and Cardiff. There is a wealth of protected plants, animals and birds here.
There are many ancient woodlands on the route of the proposed new road. All of these could be lost for ever if the road is approved.
It is crucial that our Council works with adjoining councils to reduce traffic travelling around the Vale and Cardiff. There is already a parallel road serving this route just two miles away which should be improved to resolve traffic issues. We can’t just keep building roads at the expense of our green fields.
72,000 cars drive in to Cardiff daily and a new road will attract even more cars to this area, creating even more congestion where the new road joins the M4 and A48.
We believe that sustainable alternatives should be sought to reduce car dependency. The levels of air pollution in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan are now causing more deaths than alcohol or obesity with a rising figure of over 225 deaths a year.
Please join us in valuing our countryside and all that it offers for future generations.

CF71 7UG

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Reasons for signing

  • There are better alternatives, park and ride, a train station which runs trains regularly!
  • Why destroy a community for the people living in the area and the wildlife also living in the area. More roads means more cars.
  • Pendoylan is fortunate enough to have a rich heritage and conservation status befitting of the diversity of natural habitats in the area. The reasons for the road are not to the benefit of the local community but are based on suggested benefits to the Airport and St Athan. The proposed road is unlikely to solve the access issues to the South of the Vale and there are numerous other options which have not been considered as alternatives.


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