To: Dundee City Council

No office block next to the V&A Dundee

Stop the build of a five story office block in the heart of our new multi million pound waterfront development right next door to the New V&A museum.

Why is this important?

This will block the view of the river, overshadowed the new V&A, block in the new Slessor gardens and ruin the whole feel of the redevelopment of the waterfront. Especially as there are an array of empty office blocks in and around our City.

Dundee City

Reasons for signing

  • Dundee is going back to the 70s again.
  • Why don’t DCC build the hotel in the technology park at the roundabout at the entrance to Dundee as that’s an eyesore....everyone has to drive past this mess on the way into Dundee it’s a poor advert for the city.
  • the v&a needs space for maximum impact and impressiveness for visitors don,t wreck our future please council


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