NYCC open enquiry into failure of Ings Primary School Skipton

NYCC open enquiry into failure of Ings Primary School Skipton

Launch a public enquiry into why Ings primary school has failed and to why many schools in the area are failing

Why is this important?

There are currently 7 primary schools Under the NYCC care in danger of closing. We have already lost 3.
In an ideal world Ings would remain open, and the heart of the community however as this now seems futile I feel that there needs to be a full investigation into why we have got into this situation, and how we are going to prevent it happening again.
I would also like it to be investigated why we are closing these schools yet allowing private developers to put in planning for two new schools in the area- both of which will be owned by an academy or free school, meaning they will no longer be under any of NYCC remit- a massive safeguarding issue


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Reasons for signing

  • The ambitions and targets of NYCC must be broad enough to include the needs and aspirations of all the communities it serves. It cannot seek to achieve these targets at the detriment of helping students, parents and residents cherish and preserve the ethnic and cultural diversity that nourishes and strengthens the broughton road community.


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