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To: The Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Reinstate the 8 Human Rights workers sacked by e-mail

Require that the CEO negotiates seriously with the workers' unions the Public and Commercial Services Union and UNITE the Union to find jobs for these workers inside the EHRC or other Government departments

Why is this important?

In February 2017 after months of negotiations trying to avoid compulsory redundancies triggered by deep budget cuts, EHRC management sent e-mails to 8 workers work addresses informing them they were being made redundant whilst they were taking part in a lawful one day protest strike. The EHRC still has over 47 equivalent vacancies these displaced workers could easily fill, but has so far refused to do so. What is so shocking is this employer also happens to be the UK's UN recognised guardian of our Human Rights! With Brexit uncertainty and challenges to Human Rights law being suggested, we need a strengthened fully resourced EHRC to defend the most vulnerable from discrimination and attack.


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