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To: Andy Farrell - Warrington Borough Council

Rethink South Warrington Housing Plans

Rethink South Warrington Housing Plans

Please listen to the communities of Appleton, Stretton, and Grappenhall Heys. Please rethink your infrastructure and community plans for new builds in South Warrington before outline planning permission is decided.

Why is this important?

We think that the HCA's plans for new-build homes in South Warrington are overbearing and ill thought through. No additional road infrastructure is planned, even though our junctions and local village of Stockton Heath are already at capacity and will have to deal with more than 2,000 extra cars. Supporting reports covering traffic, ecology, education and healthcare have come into question and many hundreds have already objected. Please re-assess these key concerns from the community before planning permission is granted.

South Warrington

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Reasons for signing

  • The proposed plan is based on an assumption that residents want up upgrade Warrington to a city. This assumption has been imposed on us without our consent. Up-building Warrington to a city requires the consent of residents and should be decided by a referendum, not by town hall politicians.
  • With Tree coverage in the North West at 6.6% - UK - 8.4% - EU-33% - it seems utterly preposterous to consider building more houses for more people and cars. Don't you dare bring in an emission tax, WBC.
  • This is on the BBC news website. The split of how land is used in an area compared to the national average. This is how Warrington compares • Built on 28% - UK 6% • Green urban 10% - UK 3% • Farmland 56% - UK 57% • Natural 5% - UK 35% I think Warrington Built On % shows we have enough urban sprawl and associated traffic congestion without the need for anymore greenbelt grab.


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A massive thank you for taking the time to sign the petition. Faisal Rashid is our new MP and we really need his support, just like Helen Jones has done for North Warrington. Whether he agrees with these developments or not, he has been elected to serve and represent us, his constituents. Time is of the essence now. The decision will be made next Thursday. If you can, please politely tell him how important this issue is to you and your community. Preferably Twitter (because it’s direct and public) or email. Twitter: @FaisalRashid6, phone/text: 07954080011,

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