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To: Suffolk County Council (SCC)

Return Funding For High School Transport by Catchment Area

Parents and Pupils of Suffolk need Suffolk County Council to reverse their decision on changes agreed for September 2019 funding of school transport. Funding needs to be reallocated to catchment area and not nearest school.

Why is this important?

Every parent of a child within Suffolk, that has to rely on funded school transport to High school from September 2019 will have to pay between £600-£800 pounds per child per year for continued transport to their current recognised catchment school.
SCC will only fund travel to what it now considers to be a pupils nearest school, but nearest schools admissions policies for year 2019/20 prioritises places for students from its feeder and catchment Primary schools, not students from Primary schools outside of catchment.
The financial implications for Suffolk families will be immense.
Siblings may have to attend different High schools, as an older child already receiving funded transport will continue to do so but parents may not be able afford to fund a sibling or siblings.
There is no guarantee that a child from a non feeder or out of catchment school will be accepted, so parents could be forced to pay for their child to attend a school, occur debt and hardship to do so, have to consider home schooling.
SCC sent out an online transport survey this year to parents within Suffolk. According to a report by Councillor (County) Robert Lindsay 3600 responses were received, 85% strongly opposed these proposed changes and 5% opposed, but SCC still passed the changes.
School Transport should be free and funded for all pupils.

Suffolk and Suffolk Borders

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