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To: Liverpool City Council

Save Old Haymarket, Liverpool

We want Liverpool City Council to stop their destructive plans to create a 'bus hub' in Old Haymarket, Liverpool, in the grounds of a Grade II listed building and a UNESCO World Heritage Site while destroying more city centre mature trees.

Why is this important?

The pollution and noise from a rotating stock of 12 busses would dramatically reduce the quality of life of people that live and work around Old Haymarket, an oasis in the centre of Liverpool.

The car park currently averages over £100,000 a year in takings and we as a city blighted by Government cuts cannot afford that.

Two mature trees would be removed. LCC claims that more new trees will be planted but they have a proven track record of not fulfilling similar promises.

Old Haymarket/Manchester St used to be derelict and dangerous - it is now a thriving community because residents and businesses moved there. This oasis in the city will be destroyed. Eight businesses, including a hotel, and hundreds of residents will now be expected to share a loading space for two vehicles. People will lose their jobs and property prices will be affected.

The car park is part of the curtilage of a Grade II listed building, the fantastic Queensway Tunnel entrance. Not appropriate for vehicles weighing up to 80,000 kilograms (176,370 lb) to be driving around and polluting and certainly not in keeping with the surroundings of the structure or that of the UNESCO World Heritage Site it sits in.

Old Haymarket, Liverpool

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