To: Phil Hufton, Managing Director for England and Wales at Network Rail

We need a bridge with pedestrian lifts at Abergavenny Station

We need a bridge with pedestrian lifts at Abergavenny Station

We are asking for equal access for all passengers at Abergavenny Rail Station via a new bridge with passenger lifts to give full access to both platforms for everyone.

Why is this important?

This station is on the mainline route from Swansea/Cardiff to Manchester and Holyhead, and serves a huge area of Monmouthshire and South Powys, the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains as well as the town of Abergavenny.

There are 2 ways to reach the far platform at Abergavenny. One is by a steep footbridge which has 45 steps and is difficult to negotiate, especially in bad weather. The other is to cross the line, accompanied by a member of staff. If you wish to do the latter, then you are expected to phone to notify your request to travel at least 24 hours beforehand. If you wish to travel out of office hours, there will be no members of staff at the station and you are dependent on the guard or the driver of the arriving train to accompany you across the line. So much for spontaneity of travel for many people!

We want a bridge with passenger lifts to give full access for disabled passengers, older people and those with heavy luggage. 30% of the population in Monmouthshire is over 60.

We were granted the money and planning permission for the bridge about 5 years ago. It never happened because Network Rail could not work out what to do about the position of the signal because the driver’s view of it would be blocked by the new bridge. We demand that Network Rail solve this problem, find the resources and, either replace or resite the signal in order that work on a bridge and lifts can commence.

This is not just important to local people; Abergavenny station is used by visitors to major events such as The Food Festival and the Green Man Festival, the Hay Festival, and the 2016 National Eisteddfod. All these events bring visitors and revenue into the area.

If you believe, like the organisers of this petition, that this situation is not good enough and that there should be equal access for all at the station, please sign this petition.


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Reasons for signing

  • Something should be done for pedestrian lifts at Abergavenny station
  • I would like to visit family in the area but how the facilities are at the station it would not be possible for me to use the bridge with my health problems and as for being escorted at the whim of staff I find frightening to say the least,whatever rail company run this station need to take a long hard look at the archaic conditions this station is run at and get in the real world.
  • Because people in wheelchairs are being left to suffer and not been able to get train after 6.30pm& before 6.30am it's​ not fair.


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