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To: National Grid and Salford City Council

Come on Salfordians. A last attempt to tempt investors to revamp the Gas works

Please think about the importance of these iconic structures to the people of Salford, And they are mentioned in an iconic song which has been sang by various artists all over the world, Ewan Macoll's " Dirty Old Town" !!.
Please think outside the box for a new use of Salford Heritage site.

Why is this important?

There is growing Concern by a lot of Salfordians that this iconic cast-iron structures that many generations have grown up with will no longer be there!.
There are many great examples around the UK of how they have been redeveloped into housing, public and community usage. In a sympathetic and artistic eye pleasing manner. Like the one in the photograph.
In alot of Salfordians eyes they should be saved and redeveloped instead of just being demolished so the land can be built on for another high rised apartment block, in Salford
So come on SALFORD, too many of our historic landmarks have been demolished to build high rise unaffordable apartment blocks , we need to join together and hopefully stop this from happening before its too late as this is a historic sites.
This great historic landmark need to be saved for all of Salford to admire for generations to come.

City of Salford

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There is going to be a sing a long at the site on 17/6 @ 2,pm all welcome doesn't matter if you can't sing just come and join us and give us your support please

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