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Ensuring the UK has a social and private rented sector fit for purpose

Ensuring the UK has a social and private rented sector fit for purpose

Deploy a strategy and universal solution to unite the rented housing sector, protect all sides, AND ensure that when a tenant speaks, their voice is heard and they are listened to.

Why is this important?

Tenant's living in rented housing in the UK shouldn't need to set up protest sites to have their voice heard. This type of site is not effective and serious concerns can be missed, as often the message will never be seen by the intended recipient.

Tragedies like Grenfell Tower might have been avoided had the residents had a direct line of communication, that delivered their concerns directly to the desk of the relevant housing team. The majority of housing staff are doing everything they can to make a difference, however, reduced budgets, staffing and available resources are having a significant impact.

A system needs to be deployed immediately to provide 360 degree protection. The system needs to free up valuable staff time, whilst providing protection to all sides and a complete record of all communication between connected parties (provider and tenant). Every event and communication (on both sides) throughout the tenancy must be logged, date stamped and digitally signed.

This will ensure, in the event of a dispute, or worse, ALL the facts and supporting information is available...signed, dated and in complete chronological order.

How it will be delivered

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