To: Gullivers land



To change their policy at the ticket gates to make it more disability friendly.
To train their staff on disabilities and how to act in these situations.
To make entry easier for those who cannot stand to ensure they aren't discriminated against or humiliated.

Why is this important?

So today, I took my son too gullivers land. Upon arrival I went to purchase mine and Harrison's tickets, Harrison evidently being under 90cm tall, I asked for one adult and one child under 90cm (which is free) the young girl behind the desk asked me too measure Harrison but I explained that he's disabled and can't stand so won't be accurate anyway. She said she'd need to get her manager, after having a quick word and some giggles behind the window she came back and asked for proof that he's disabled. By this point I was getting fed up and there was a queue of people behind me so I just said fine I'll measure him, I did and as explained before, he doesn't stand and it weren't accurate but he did come up under the 90cm mark. The girl was still not satisfied and asked me to stand too the side and wait for the manager too come out(aiden who is in the picture) he came out and I explained I'm not happy with how I've been treated and more so how my son has been treated. He said and I quote 'I can tell just from looking at him he's over 90cm' how he can make that assumption is beyond me because he was in his wheelchair with a blanket over half his body, he then said she's over 90cm too, pointing at my neice who had been measured at the desk and was about 10cm under. So after his disgusting attitude tensions were rising, I firmly said are you expecting me to pay for him? And he then said actually none of you are allowed in. Bare in mind there was 3 children with us. I was so fed up, I said fine whatever, just give my sister and friend a refund which he refused. Then laughed and walked off!! We went up too the ticket sales window and there blindes were pulled down on us and left down until we moved away, despite there being a big queue behind us.
2 ladies witnessed the entire things and was disgusted so much that they actually phoned head office too complain and they advised they'd send the area manager down too speak with us.
About 10 minutes after the call, he came too us, followed by the boy we earlier had dealt with that laughed in my face and refused us entry. The boy they went on to deny what he had earlier said and the area manager actually asked him too leave as he could see how upset he was making us.
The area manager apologised which was appreciated and gave me and Harrison free entry but it wasn't really much compensation as too what happened. We was stood outside for an hour before being let into the park.
I think it's absolutely disgusting and their staff need educating on how to deal with children with disabilities, asking me to measure my son who has low muscle tone and can not stand is absolutely disgusting.
For then the manager to laugh at us as if we were the unreasonable ones was an absolute joke.
Safe to pay we will not be returning there and I will be making it as public as I can too make sure everyone knows what its like!
At least my boy had no clue what was going on.

Gullivers Land, Livingstone Drive, Milton Keynes

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because after reading about this little boy how he and mum was treated is beyond me its hard enough having to have a young boy has your child and then to take insults and laughter of stupid giggles they don't care how hard it is and beyond that ignorant immature adults grow up and start undestandind disable children that come first in this world I too have a disabled daughter so that's why I've signed. End of xx
  • Terrible behaviour from staff .. hooe little boy is ok i wont be going there again .. its rubbish anyway
  • everyone should be treated EQUALLLY


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Harrison's mum will be on BBC 3counties radio Monday 3.45pm to discuss this event