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To: Hope Centre Northampton

Keep Hope Alive

To be able to remain in the facility at Oasis House. Which was purpose built for the work they do with the Homeless.
And for Midland Heart to reverse it's 12 months notice for them to quit alongside the 3 months notice it has given NAASH

Why is this important?

Both the Hope Centre and NAASH offer an unmatched and undeniably crucial role in providing vital services to the towns homeless and vulnerable community.
No other organisation be it housing, charity or council come near to the services provided or the compassion and heart they are provided with.
To allow a business who's bottom line is about profit to take over this service in conjunction with other organisations that are only interested in control rather than compassion is not in the best interest of the homeless community in this town.

How it will be delivered

Via email and social media


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