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Longer hoses & Taller cranes for Tower Blocks

Longer hoses & Taller cranes for Tower Blocks

Hoses and Towers long enough to reach the top floor of the tallest Tower blocks to be made available to every borough

Why is this important?

My nan has lived on the 12th floor of a Shepherd's Bush Tower block for 40 years.
She is 77, if a fire broke out in the flats on her floor or higher she couldn't be reached.
She walks with a walker and wouldn't make it down the stairs. Who would save her ???
In light of the Grenfell Fire it's now More important than ever.
The firefighters did an Amazing Job but they didn't have the resources to reach the top. This isn't their fault it's due to cuts, those victims had to wait for a crane from Surrey!

How it will be delivered

I need 10,000 signatures to deliver this to parliament


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Reasons for signing

  • Politicians should listen more to the fire service professionals, victims and potential victims. Fire safety at tower blocks is a national disgrace and penny-pinching government, agencies and businesses are culpable.
  • Please sign
  • This needs no explanation as to why I signed RIP grenfell x


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