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Newport City Council needs to do more work in Pillgwenlly and not rely On the volunteers.

Newport City Council needs to do more work in Pillgwenlly and not  rely  On the volunteers.

I the undersigned, as a registered voter of the CITY OF NEWPORT GWENT , and residentof PILLGWENNLY do state that my present place of residence is truly stated opposite my signature. I do herby petition the COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT GWENT for the following.
1. The cleanup of the PILLGWENLLY area should be undertaken by the Newport Works Department on a regular basis. i.e twice weekly.

2. Newport City Council must ensure that the area known as PILLGWENNLY have a regular Police Presence to eliminate dealing and use of drugs in public areas of Pillgwenlly.

3. Drug Paraphernalia should be removed from phone boxes on a daily basis by workers of Newport Works Department. Ensuring safety for children going to and from school.

4. Prostitutes must not be allowed to solicit in public places, particularly where children going to and from school can encounter them.

5. A Sunday Bus service be reinstated for the PILLGWENLLY Community, in line with the Duffryn 35 and 36 service.

6. Update buss stops in Pillgwenlly with time tables as there not been updated for over 60 years and half of the stops have not got a sign on them.

Why is this important?

1. We need to keep the streets clean and the kids park clean at all time to make it Safe as I know people that go there and you have bins over flowing all the time and Glass on floor and injection needles all the time.

2. Is is not right for drug dealers and prostitutes to do there Business on street corners or public places as so people don’t feel safe at all.

3. The bus service in Pillgwenlly needs to link back in with duffryn as the busses in pill stop at 6.30pm and none on Sunday and bank holidays

Pillgwenlly, Newport

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Reasons for signing

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  • the name of the petition says it all .the volunteers do a wonderful job their valuable time to cleaning up other people filth ! the council needs to prosecute offenders as well as clean up the area and not leave it to a 77 year old Pill resident i would not walk some areas of Pill because of the lack of police presence please treat Pill as you would other areas i.e. the goldtops, ridgeway etc.
  • We need a big Improvement done in Pillgwenlly to make it safer and stop the people do Business in public places .


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