To: Hillingdon council

Parking in Uxbridge for Residents

Parking in Uxbridge for Residents

HILLINGDON COUNCIL PLEASE HELP YOUR RESIDENTS. Parking in and around Uxbridge is terrible at the best of times, but for us residents there is no leeway and there should be. It's appalling we pay our council tax just the same as everyone else there For we should have the same rights. For residents living above the pavillions shopping centre it is particularly bad as we are not allowed to have a parking permit nor are we allowed to park in the basement of the shopping centre. It's appalling and needs to be looked into.

Why is this important?

It is important to the community as there are alot of families with children (myself included) that are affected by this. Residents of hillingdon should be treated equally and given the same rights as everyone else !!!!! Please consider making parking easier for residents that live above the pavillions allowing parking permits so that we have the same rights as everyone else 🚘🚗🚘


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Reasons for signing

  • I’ve called the council to get a permit and they said that I should’ve bought the house somewhere else to get a permit. When I asked were was the nearest free car park they did not know what to say. Looks like we have no rights. Everything runs around money. Disgusting...
  • I AGREE !!!!!.
  • I too am a mother. I also work for the nhs please could this be looked at as it is really not fair.