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To: Corby CCG Governing Body

Rescind the Governing Body Decision to downgrade Corby Urgent Care Centre

Rescind the Governing Body Decision to downgrade Corby Urgent Care Centre

The Governing Body of Corby CCG having given assurances to Stephen Barclay Minister of State for the Department of Health and Social Care that if the service of Corby Urgent Care were to change in ANY way that there would be a full Public Consultation with Service users, as detailed within Hansard on the 29th of January 2018, before the GB extraordinary meeting in public where the decision was made to downgrade the service from a walk in service with observation bays for the treatment of urgent need patients open to anyone in need of urgent care, that lives, works or visits the area, to an extended GP same day access appointment only hub, only available to patients who are registered with a Corby GP.
We therefore request that the Governing Body rescind their erroneous decision and honour the assurance given to the Secretary of State, that users of Corby urgent Care would have a full Public Consultation on the changes.

Why is this important?

If this erroneous decision is not rescinded then it would create a two tier urgent care system that would exclude, workers, visitors and those that participate in the full range of sporting fixtures that happen in the area from accessing and using the urgent care centre: putting untold pressure on KGH A&E and the East Midlands Ambulance Service.


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Reasons for signing

  • Very neccesary
  • I don't want this provision changed
  • We are all part of an NHS country wide system and treatment should be available to ALL NHS patients not just Corby GP patients.


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