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To: Welsh Assembly and UK Government

Restoring the disused railway line from Chepstow to Tintern for a shared use path

Dear Sirs,
Please can Monmouthshire County Council and Forest of Dean District Council give Planning Permission for the proposed Wye Valley Shared Use path from Chepstow to Tintern along the disused railway line.

Get this path application passed PLEASE!!!

Why is this important?

The permission was granted by the Forest of Dean District Council for their ownership, but the Monmouthshire Council have been making excuses for the last few years since the original proposal.

All over the UK county after county's citizens have been benefiting from these valuable resources for leisure and transport purposes. Why are we waiting and consistently fobbed off with trivial excuses all the time?

There are no cycle paths through Chepstow while everywhere else benefits.
Despite all the Bills, Papers, and Consultations you pass and now 'The Wales we Want' campaign, we are ignored.

This path would enable less able bodied people to access the beauty of the Wye Valley, it would provide business and opportunities locally, and hold these opportunities within Chepstow and surrounding villages where presently people go further afield for leisure facilities.

Also it would encourage forms of sustainable transport such as cycling and walking, enabling many people to leave their cars at home.

The already established paths in the UK are used by thousands everyday for multiple purpose. Why are we denied this resource, is it because our Council is blind to the future?



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