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To: Tower Hamlets Council

Save Bartlett Adventure Park. E14

Please don’t destroy our adventure play park. Before it closed their was regular visitors. The money should be spent revamping the Adventure with its secure fencing keeps children safe especially those on ASD spectrum and also keeps normal children safe, the fence also stops any vandals or drug users and it was the only place people counted meet on this estate. The new road layout will stop the use of upper north street towards A13.

Why is this important?

No where for mothers and children to meet up with proper seating to have a chat/catch up. The community has no other facilities like the park in poplar. With its own toilets and unit for rainy days. It was also secure which was great for kids with Special needs (the amount of children with extra needs,is above the national average in LBTH)

How it will be delivered

I plan to meet with the developers and put peoples concern forward and also hope to meet with Tower Hamlets to discuss the new proposed plans

Poplar, London

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