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To: Central Bedfordshire council

Save Sandy sports facilities

Save Sandy sports facilities

Allow Sandy Sports facilities to continue with the center and school working together for the community of Sandy

Why is this important?

There are no other leisure facilities in the local area.

Bedfordshire, Sandy

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Reasons for signing

  • This place will be just a gym as from the 28th of October forget your fitness classes, badminton, trampolining, squash, kids parties function rooms that’s right just a gym. A total waste of a well supported by the community facility. Don’t let them take this away from you.
  • Valuable resources for sandy and the wider community
  • Sandy is a growing town in terms of housing. However everything else appears to be closing or not keeping up with the demand. This will rapidly become an unsustainable place to live. We all pay taxes and you would have to question how well this money is being spent! The sports centre is a well used key facility that improves the health of the local community and should be always available.


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