To: Punch/Heineken pub company's

Save the Hope & Anchor

Save the Hope & Anchor

Do not sell the Hope & Anchor to become offices or flats

Why is this important?

This pub has been trading since 1892 and so it has huge historical reference in Pontefract and is shadowed by Pontefract Castle. The pub is loved throughout the community and is beginning to become a hive of music activity drawing bands from far and wide as well as catering for our talented local musicians. It is the home of Pontefract Scooter Club, who regularly host events to raise money for local charities such as The Prince of Wales Hospice and The Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The Hope & Anchor is an integral part of the community and we should be saving these historical institutions not turning them into offices etc


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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because it holds great memories for me when I lived in Pontefract 50 years ago, it is part of Pontefract's history and should be retained as a pub. Why don't the regulars get together and purchase it as a community pub?
  • This pub helps lots of local charity's
  • Lots of good memories here


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