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To: Steve Moore - CEO of Hywel Dda

SOSPPAN - Save our Services at Prince Philip Hospital

SOSPPAN - Save our Services at Prince Philip Hospital

Keep ALL the current medical and training services at Prince Philip Hospital Llanelli, including the Front of House; ensure an up to date Service Level Agreement with Morriston hospital for A&E for the Llanelli catchment; links to the Community Hub at the Wellness Centre; a Community Hub with beds at Ammanford and adequate transport for access and egress to our NHS Service for the vulnerable Hywel Dda patients.

Why is this important?

If the NHS A&E moves to a new Hospital at least 50 minutes away by car or ambulance from Llanelli and if Prince Philip Hospital is down graded to a Community Hospital 100,000 people will be severely disadvantaged and some people will not be able to access the NHS services because according to Hywel Dda, they will not have enough money or a car.

Losing immediate access to our Health services could cost the lives of people that you know.......or your father or mother or daughter or brother or son or sister or Mrs or Mr......this is key .....for you and for me........please sign to help prevent this.

How it will be delivered

Stage a Press Conference


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Reasons for signing

  • No one deserves to lose a hospital. These things are needed.
  • To save our hospital
  • Llanelli is the biggest town in Carmarthenshire and we need our hospital to provide for our area. Closing this would be a massive blow to the town and the surrounding areas that use the hospital. We need our hospital to stay open!


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