To: Scottish Government

Stop house building in Midlothian

Stop house building in Midlothian

We want housebuilding in Midlothian to end until our infrastructure has been improved and local services are modernised and fit for purpose.
Any time Midlothian council turn down housing, the building companies appeal to the Scottish government and they are given permission to press ahead with the construction of 1000’s of new houses.

Why is this important?

Our GP services are on their knees

Our roads are gridlocked due to sheer number of cars, limited roads out of Midlothian and poor public transport for many areas

Our schools are bursting at the seams with children being shipped out of catchment schools due to lack of space

Lack of investment into community resources - there are few services for our elderly, teenagers and young children.

Our green belt is disappearing - with a significant impact on our health and the environment

Private housing is not a priority - we need to prioritise council and housing association accommodation


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Reasons for signing

  • Bang on with what is said Poor council does its job, most of the time the application s are very poor in Content as they are classed as new builds they don't have to ader to how a house is built on cheaper materials And not giving funds to the local area. For example in Wales each new house has to have X2 school places available and x4 spaces at the local go. That's even before touching the environment.
  • This is really important to make sure people can get the services they require.
  • I am a Midlothian resident born and bred and it's been heartbreaking to see the lush fields disappear and our roads become endless traffic jams. Our water supply has went from glorious scottish water to disgusting chlorine tasting liquid due to all the disruption of the pipes and the treatments needed to counteract these works. Bring back our blissful suburbia please.


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