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To: Members of Parliament

Support Trussell Trust proposed fix of Universal Credit

Support Trussell Trust proposed fix of Universal Credit

As my member of Parliament you supported Trussel Trust's foodbank drive.

So: I want you to support Trussell Trust's proposals to fix Universal Credit. Including:

1. Local authorities should provide a true Universal Support service which: supports people transitioning onto the service or making a new claim; expands support for people with the greatest financial need; and extends beyond the initial claim or transition.
2. People should have longer to repay advance payments, and more frequent payments and payments direct to landlords should be offered to all in financial need or at risk of financial need.
3. Uprate benefit payments in line with inflation, run-on Employment and Support Allowance payments during the wait for the first payment, and restore the work allowance to pre-April 2016 levels.
4. An urgent inquiry into poor administration within Universal Credit and its effects, particularly in relation to insecure work.
5. More flexibilities for requirements, particularly for disabled people and people with ill-health, and a yellow-card warning system for sanctioning.

Why is this important?

Because Universal Credit is driving up demand for foodbanks

This petition is being run by a Member of Parliament - 38 Degrees is independent of all political parties.

Reasons for signing

  • Our daughter disabled suffers with severe anxiety suicidal thoughts, self harming , occipital epilepsy, regular mini absences, memory loss, is autistic and she is anorexic. After 2 years we got her to full time college as she is 20. Told could get Universal Credit. Since October messing around opening closing her claim asking for doctor notes 2 months received nothing. Now they say an assessment want us to fill in an online form for what work she can do or she will get nothing !.


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