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To: Mr Calum Campbell, Chief Executive NHS Lanarkshire

Allow Dr Glen to open a branch surgery in Caldercruix

Allow Dr Glen to open a branch surgery in Caldercruix

Allow Dr Glen to open her surgery. Local residents with the support of Caldercruix Community Council members call on you to change that decision because patients deserve choice in Caldercruix, Plains and Hillend.

Why is this important?

Dr Glen has renewed her application to add Plains, Caldercruix and Hillend to her practice area and is hoping to achieve this by August 2018 with agreement from Lanarkshire NHS.
The Primary Care Department of NHS Lanarkshire gave assurances in Caldercruix in January 2014 at a public meeting that there would continue to be GP services in Caldercruix at dedicated premises.The present service is well short of the assurances given to Alex Neil MSP in 2014 about a commitment to having a GP in the village. Assurances were also given to the Scottish Government that a GP would be in place in the village.
The NHS is under pressure and Dr Glen is able to offer appointments in a permanent building with nursing and administrative support all ready to run for the benefit of local villages.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Calum Campbell at NHS Lanarkshire Headquarters
Fallside Road
G71 8BB


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Reasons for signing

  • The reopening of this facility would be a major asset for the community especially those that do not have their own transport
  • I have friend who need this service in caldercruix
  • maureenmcaleese


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