To: Gavin Barwell MP Minister of State for Housing and Planning

End Homelessness in the UK

End Homelessness in the UK

The UK is one of the richest more powerful country in the world, yet 150 families go homeless EVERYDAY. This needs to stop, everyone deserves the right to shelter as a basic human right.

Please sign this petition to eliminate homelessness,it can be done and with your help we can not only get rough sleepers into stable warm long term homes, but help reduce housing prices, increase social housing and provide stable reliable long term tenancies for our future generations to sleep safe and sleep warm.

Why is this important?

130,000 people a year in England alone are asking for help regarding homelessness (Shelter, 2017). Homelessness is a matter of social injustice not just personal responsibility, everybody in Britain has a right to accommodation, it is not just a lack of shelter, it involves a deprivation over a number of dimensions, lack of physical and mental comfort, lack of privacy, lack of rootedness in the world and a lack of purpose in life (Somerville, 2013). Even in affordable social housing there is now an uncertainty in security, resulting in an increase in rough sleepers by 102% since 2010.

The reason for homelessness is simple, not enough housing,not enough social housing, the ridiculous peak in house prices and the uncertainty of short hold tenancy in private sector housing. This needs to be stopped, we need to stop allowing housing associations and landlords putting vulnerable people out on the streets.

Most of us are one wage slip away from being on the streets so help us today to change the lives of thousands of people. Sign today, save tomorrow.

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Shelter England. (2017). Home. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 May 2017].

Somerville, P. (2013). Understanding Homelessness. Housing, Theory and Society, 30(4), pp.384-415.

Reasons for signing

  • The government should end homeless in the uk all together
  • No one should be sleeping ruff or in a homeless situation the government needs to set up homes for homeless jobs education for homeless give them a start to a new life regardless why they became homeless
  • Everyone deserves to have housing. Health outcomes for homeless people are very poor and they suffer prejudice and disadvantage - they have no voice


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