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To: Lincolnshire County Council

Stop funding cuts to the Citizens Advice Bureau

Stop funding cuts to the Citizens Advice Bureau

We want Lincolnshire County Council to reverse the decision to drastically reduce funding to The Citizens Advice Bureau.

Why is this important?

The Citizens Advice Bureau provides vital benefits advice and support to ill, disabled and vulnerable people in and around Boston and Skegness. Lincolnshire County Council have decided to cut funding for this valuable service. There is no other organisation that provides the same service.
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Reasons for signing

  • Cutting funding to an organisation that helps people overcome their problems and develop their skills, benefiting the individual and their community, is likely to ultimately cost the council money in further support to those whose problems are exacerbated by lack of independent support and advice.
  • You never know when you might need their assistance!
  • This service actually saves LCC money by helping people before they reach rock bottom and need emergency help. Stupid and short sighted cuts by a council which doesn’t seem able to understand how bad life can get, and how difficult it can be to negotiate bureaucracy


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