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To: Glasgow City Council

No More Homeless Deaths!

End rough sleeping in Glasgow!

Why is this important?

It is abhorrent that in a country as wealthy as ours, a man has been allowed to die on the streets of Glasgow because he had nowhere to go.

Glasgow City Council website states that:

“As a minimum, the council will arrange for you to receive:
Advice and Information

Temporary Accommodation”

We demand that Glasgow City Council acts immediately to fulfil it's duty to the people of Glasgow.

Everyone who presents themselves at a Council facility as homeless, should immediately be provided with somewhere safe and warm to stay, until such times as they are able to find permanent accommodation.

Furthermore, we demand an end to the policy of abandoning our friends who are deemed to have made themselves intentionally homeless.

This unfairly punishes people unfamiliar with the law or who are victims of bullying by rogue landlords.


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