To: Hampshire County Council Transport Department

Put a green man crossing on Romsey Road at St James/Clifton Terrace

Put a pedestrian crossing on Romsey Road, at the point where St James Terrace and Cliffton Terrace meet.

Why is this important?

This is a main thoroughfare for pedestrians between Winchester University (via West Hill Cemetery), Winchester City Center and the Railway Station. I personally walk there frequently, have impaired vision coupled with delayed reactions, and so find it hard crossing busy roads. It can take up to five minutes to cross sometimes and it is difficult to see in both directions on the hill, and then you have Clifton Terrace traffic to consider.

This is a very dangerous crossing point in our city which should have had a green man crossing years ago as there are already drop curbs in place.

It isn't JUST a crossing safety issue either. It is well known that we have a SERIOUS air pollution problem in Winchester, where 40 to 50 people a year die from air pollution related illnesses. If the city could be made more accessible to people wanting to get about on foot, in a wheelchair, with pushchairs, mobility scooter or on bicycle, this would help to increase air quality. There are nowhere NEAR ENOUGH places for people to cross Romsey Road safely, with the pavement disappearing on one side for large sections, and it is one of the main air pollution traps of the city. Priority of access to Winchester needs to be turned around so that walking and other low-carbon forms of transport are catered for in the first instance, followed by public transport (buses). Also speed limits MUST be properly enforced, especially with the new homes to be built where the old Police HQ was. This will create massive increases in footfall and greater need for safe crossing points and enforcement of speed limits. I suggest flashing signs to tell drivers to stick to 20 mph.

Last year Winchester City Council, in collaboration with WinACC (Winchester Action on Climate Change), launched FeetFirst, their Walking campaign led by Liz Kesler. They have been conducting Walking Audits on different routes to determine areas which need to be made easier, safer and more pleasant for pedestrians and others using low-carbon forms of transport. This includes making sure pavements are maintained, foliage is kept out of the way so it doesn't take up too much room, and adequate signage. The crossing for which I am campaigning was highlighted as a major obstacle to people getting around Winchester on foot.

Work has already started to dig up the pavement to see if it is possible to put in the electrics for a crossing. This is promising, but I won't hold my breath as progress has been delayed. Also, it needs to be a crossing that beeps all the time and gives pedestrians a fair amount of time (1 minute)


How it will be delivered

Winchester Green Party has been out today, 8-10 am, to collect paper signatures. We got 253 signatures within that 2 hours! We may team up with Winchester University who have been campaigning separately on this for years.

We will then hand the petitions in to the County Council with a covering letter.


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Reasons for signing

  • At most times of the day crossing this road on foot can be precarious but during the rush-hour it is a nightmare, especially in the dark during the winter.
  • Romsey road is a death trap.. I walk because it is too dangerous to cycle.
  • Very dangerous crossing - it feels like you risk your life every time you cross.


2017-02-08 16:16:46 +0000

WOW! Things are really picking up on this. Thank you to all who are supporting this petition. Please keep signing and sharing so we can reach 400 signatures!

As I type this has been started to dig up the road at the crossing point to see if putting a green man crossing would be viable. I will put the link to the petition on the Hampshire Chronicle website and see if I can get the story in the paper and in WinACC News. I believe Fiona Mather, Conservative Candidate for Eastgate Division in the forthcoming County Council Elections, has voiced her support. It would be great to get cross-party support for this crossing. (I know 38Degrees isn't supposed to be political, but I'm sure they'd agree with that).

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