To: Coventry City Council

Save our Disabled Children's Transport

Save our Disabled Children's Transport

Reinstate all Disabled children's/students transport and stop the disabled bearing the brunt of cuts.

Why is this important?

Coventry Council are making the families of disabled children pay £600 a year for transport to and from school. This service used to be free, but now families are being forced to fork out. The wellbeing and education of disabled children is being put at risk. Disabled children should not be punished for going to school.

How it will be delivered

We plan to print off and deliver this petition outside the Coventry City Council house 10th of October 12 PM please come and support us please stop them making these cuts to our disabled youngsters we need our free transport back to enable our children and young students to access their education as a legal requirement by law

Coventry, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • What a nasty law being brought upon us .tranportation should be free not just for the so called normal children !
  • its a good cause
  • Too much money wasted on things that are of not needed to improve our city of culture, don't ignore our children who need our help xxxxx


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