To: President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

Keep UKIP OUT of No 10

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Keep UKIP OUT of No 10

We do not wish for the political party known as 'UKIP' to have the opportunity to administer the United Kingdom. We the people of the UK do not want our country to be managed by racists.

We wish to lobby The Right Honourable David Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom to help us prevent something like this happening to the UK.

We are asking for legislation to be developed and enacted to support the above so that it becomes part of our constitution. Such legislation should be termed in a generic sense to cover the exclusion of any future hard-right wing parties.

Why is this important?

As British and most of all being human, we have no room in our society for racism, it is a backward policy.

We have hope that entry of a racist party into Downing Street is not possible, as the electorate is now becoming more cautious. However the result of the 23rd gives us cause to act.

We need to protect this country for the greater good.

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