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Blue Badge Parking for People with Dementia

Blue Badge Parking for People with Dementia

People with dementia and their Carers need to be able to have the use of Blue Badge Parking regulations. We want our MP to lobby the relevant body responsible for restrictions on Blue Badge parking.

Why is this important?

I’m calling for a change in the rules so that people with dementia are specifically eligible to apply for a Blue Badge, which means easier trips to the shop, the doctor’s or the hospital for dementia patients if they choose to apply.
“I hope the Government will consider this change.”
The final decision on who is eligible is up to local councils.

But Government provides guidance can prove crucial in earmarking badges - and dementia is not on the list of criteria.
Charities say some local authorities give blue badges to people with dementia while others enforce much tighter rules.
Although the person with dementia may be able to walk the required distance that exempts them from being issued a Blue Badge the person has to be helped in and out of their vehicle, and guided, they can be unsteady on their feet and suffer dizziness/confusion as to where they are because of their dementia. This means that, e.g. they cannot be dropped off while a driver goes to park, because they are in danger from wandering off or walking into the road.
Campaigners say the disease can be as mentally and often physically debilitating as other illnesses.

The number of people with dementia is set to rise from 850,000 this year to over two million by 2051.

Alzheimer’s Society national campaigns manager Sam Gould said: “Many people with dementia gradually lose their ability to walk and perform simple tasks as their condition progresses.

“This means activities that many of us take for granted, like visiting the shops or attending GP appointments, can become physically challenging and make some journeys daunting.

“We support the call for people with dementia to be able to access the Blue Badge scheme, as this could mean that more people with dementia are able to continue doing the things they enjoy and maintain their independence for longer.”

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • Im60 I have erly on set dimenture I was diagnosed at 57
  • Dementia is just as an important condition as a physical disability


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