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Get rid of the 'Bedroom Tax' cut to Housing Benefits!

Get rid of the 'Bedroom Tax' cut to Housing Benefits!

We want to stop the unfair Housing Benefit cuts imposed on social housing residents that are considered to have 'spare' rooms in their houses.

Why is this important?

These cuts are unfair and further disadvantage people who are in a position of need. Approximately 660,000 UK social housing residents have been impacted by the cuts (Fullfact, 2013). This has had significant negative impacts on lives across the UK, leaving thousands of people desperately struggling to pay rent and make ends meet.

Hundreds of thousands of residents have gotten into rent arrears, resorted to food banks, and been kicked out of homes they have lived in their whole lives. This is drastically immoral and WRONG.
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Reasons for signing

  • I think that this bill needs looking at properly so people are not left disadvantaged


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