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To: The Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn

Give the Ridgeway and Sacred Site at Chequers back to the People.

Give the Ridgeway and Sacred Site at Chequers back to the People.

Give the Ridgeway and Sacred Site at Chequers back to the People.

Why is this important?

The Ridgeway travels across Southern Britain and is a 6000 year old Track and Public Right of Way. It is also an Ancient Pilgrimage Route to Avebury, Stonehenge and many other Sacred Sites along its way. To many the land at Chequers is also one of those Sacred Sites.

The Ridgeway and Ancient Tracks here make the shape of a near perfect Chalice and we have lost the whole left hand side of this to Chequers.

Also the countryside for many miles is held as a place of natural beauty and this Chalice shape is the centre of that.

If this area were to be opened up it would connect the arc between Coombe Hill and Beacon Hill and make the most wonderful walk for everybody. For myself Beacon Hill most beautiful and spiritually significant hill in this area. With its spectacular views and burial mounds it is truly breath taking. At the moment only the front part of this hill is available and access to that part is very steep.

It not right that only the Prime minister can walk this area at a lose to everyone else.

For many of us this land here and Chalice is a Sacred Site and we work with it in that way. We also feel that it has been used as this in the past.

There are many pictures of this land here on this link. There also videos and meditations showing more the spiritual side of This Chalice at Chequers.

If you would like this area of land to be give back to the people please Sign and Share this petiton

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Reasons for signing

  • Such a beautiful magical space... Be so lovely to explore the rest!
  • It is important to me that our heritage and historical culture is kept true.


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