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To: Minister for the Environment & Southern Water

Kennington kicking up a Stink!

Take measurable action to remove or treat the foul odour, and stench that is created by the Water Treatment Works on Canterbury Road, Kennington

Why is this important?

The stink and odours are damaging quality of life for residents in Little Burton Farm, and Kennington

The constant and cumulative odour exposure has become "severe odour annoyance"- a major concern of the WHO (World Health Organization)

Headaches and other health risks are a common occurence

Children can't play outside in their own gardens

Doors and windows need to be permanently closed

Utilizing gardens for BBQ's and other social events is severley affected

With 1000's more homes planned in the area and increased sewerage, things can only get worse

How it will be delivered

A personal meeting will be sought with the Ministry and Southern Water

Kennington, Ashford

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