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To: Local Council

LGBT+ Support Session

I want to bring support sessions into schools, colleges and Universities

Why is this important?

I am a student at Blackburn University Centre I have created a project linking with the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals and Transgender plus) Community. I think there is a lack of support out there. There was support sessions in place but due to funding cuts the help diminished so I want to re-instate that to the public. So I want to have support sessions in place offered by trained staff in all schools, colleges and Universities. I feel that there is a need of this campaign due to a lack of understanding of the meanings and clarification of the LGBT+ Community. SO I want YOUR HELP!! Some facts - 58% did not feel that their school was a safe and welcoming place for lesbian, gay or bisexual pupils, also 13% said that reporting bullying actually resulted in anything being done about it. 50% of lesbian and bisexual women under the age of 20 have self-harmed in the past year, compared to 1 in 15 generally. (Stonewall: 2008) and finally LGB people are twice as likely as heterosexual people to have suicidal thoughts or to make suicide attempts. Also another shocking fact -
Lesbian, Gay and Bisexuals people are two to three times more likely than heterosexual people to suffer from depression. I want your help so please sign this petition - I will appreciate it!

How it will be delivered

I will deliver my posters on stalls in colleges and universities, I will also put this to the press and see what I can get for this.


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Hi, I would like to thank everyone who has signed this petition. Please spread the word, thanks :)

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