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Needham Market Train Station - Accessible To All!

Needham Market Train Station - Accessible To All!

Make full access to Needham Market Train Station an urgent priority.

Why is this important?

Despite significant ‘improvements’ to Needham Market Railway Station in recent years (costing over £700,000) access to the Ipswich-bound platform remains by steep underground stairway only – a physical challenge for passengers with limited mobility, with buggies, bikes, or heavy suitcases, and an impossibility for wheelchair users.

Additionally, the new ramp from the car park to the Cambridge-bound platform is well above the maximum 1 in 12 gradient required to comply with Building Regulations, creating further significant problems for wheel chair users.

Needham Market is a growing town with large new estates planned for hundreds of homes over the next few years. Abellio East Anglia Limited (trading as Greater Anglia) claims to be committed to complying with its obligations under the Equality Act 2010, and pledges to make its services accessible to all. Abellio has a ten year contract to run our trains and stations and so has no excuse not to make full access an urgent priority.
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Needham Market

Reasons for signing

  • As a ward member I have been involved in this project from the outset, since I believe that full access to train services should be readily available for all.
  • I'm not disabled, but I have a pacemaker. I am no spring chicken & find access, especially with a little suitcase a real problem.
  • I personally can't travel by train to Needham Market. I have 3 young children under 2 years old. I cannot carry my large pushchair down/up the steps or allow my 2 year old to walk by himself as they are very steep. There are no staff to help, once the train leaves you are stuck with no other way off the platform. I travelled by train with a pushchair before my newborn twins are realised how inconvenient it actually was. It's completely inaccessible for wheelchair users.


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Comments from Jen, a local commuter - As a regular train traveller fairly new to Needham Market, I've been concerned to see elderly people, passengers with buggies or young children, and cyclists struggling to use the 2 sets of steep steps between the Ipswich-bound platform and the station entrance/exit, and for wheelchair users this platform is completely inaccessible....

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