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To: PayPal

PayPal should lift the ban on CBD Products!

PayPal should lift the ban on CBD Products!

Please allow every business to sell CBD products via your platform.

Why is this important?

CBD is a legal product to sell and is an amazing health supplement! Despite this, PayPal have taken an anti-business stance that won't allow CBD product sales from certain businesses. PayPal states it "breaks the terms of its policies", however fails to show or explain where this is stated.

Additionally you can use PayPal to buy CBD oil via a website owned by PayPal's parent company? A small farmer or oil producer can really benefit from the use of PayPal for their business, so you can't help but feel maybe they are being targeted and this is not right.

I believe it's important for us all to do our part in stopping this from happening, please help by signing this petition and sharing with your friends. Thank you all!


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